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環境・リサイクル耐圧形給炭機Pressure-resistant coal feederEnvironment/Recycling鉄鋼Iron and Steel石炭貯槽から加圧形ミルへ石炭を定量供給するための連続計量機です。給炭計重機構すべてを、円筒形の耐圧ケースの中に収容し、外界との圧力シールを行っています。化Continuous weighing machine for use in feeding fixed amounts of coalfrom a coal bunker to a pressure mill.The coal feeding and weighing mechanisms are housed in a pressure-proof cylindercase to ensure it is sealed from the external environment.学Chemistryコンベヤスケール( CS)Conveyor scale (CS)タイヤゴムTire Rubber食品Foods物流・生産工程等のプロセスにおいて、輸送中の原料を、搬送途中のコンベヤ上で正確に連続計量。コンベヤを改造すること無く設置可能、搬送物の輸送量確認用として色々な業種で採用されております。(環境などにおいて問題のある搬送物に対し、計量部上置きタイプもラインアップされております。)Highly accurate continuous weighing of material ona moving conveyor during logistical, production andother processes.The CS can be installed without having to modify any existingconveyors and has proved useful in various industries inverifying the amount of items conveyed. (A suspension typesystem is also available for measuring items that require aweighing unit to be installed over the belt because of problemssuch as the operating environment.)ガラスGlass電力Electricity