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環境・リサイクル貨車スケールFreight-car scaleEnvironment/Recycling鉄鋼Iron and Steel貨車ごと乗り込み計量が可能。線路区間内のピット内に設置し、レール上の貨車の計量が行えます。An entire freight car can be moved onto the scale for weighing.This scale is for use in railway pits to weigh freight cars on rails.化学Chemistryコンスタントフィードウエア( CFW)Constant feed weigher (CFW)タイヤゴムTire Rubber食品Foods原料の定量供給や連続配合を目的とした、必要最小限スペース構造。ベルト上の負荷荷重をほぼ一定に保ち、コンベヤ速度の変速制御により連続定量設定能力による切り出しを行います。(用途により、供給フィーダ無し(標準形)、フィーダ付きを選定することができます。)The structure has a minimal footprint, and is for usewhen the aim is feeding a fixed amount of materialsor continuous mixing of materials.The CFW maintains the load on a belt at a near constant rate,and realizes continuous feeding of material of a fixed quantitythrough the variable conveyor speed control. (A system with orwithout a supply feeder can be selected depending on theapplication. The standard model comes without a feeder.)■外形寸法DimensionsA450600750900100010501200B80095011001250135014001550C800800800800800800800D500500600600700700800E500500500500500500500(㎜)F5507008501000110011501300ガラスGlass電力Electricity